VIPPORT information service

VIPPORT INFORMATION SERVICE (VIS) is created to provide the ability to track (in real time mode) aircraft ground handling status within Vnukovo-3 facilities, such as:

  • Flight status
  • Ground handling
  • Passengers and baggage handling



One of the most important advantages of the system is the ability to receive actual current information concerning your flight distantly. Also you are able to see the volume of services provided for your flight. 



We have three options for you:

1. VIS: we will provide you with access to track (in real-time mode) aircraft ground handling status within Vnukovo-3 facilities;

2. VIS. SMS: By using this system you will be able to receive SMS notifications with the flight status and all additional information in your mobile phone;

3. VIS.SMS + VIS: By using this system you will be able to have both accesses. 



If you are interested in this opportunity just send a request to and we will give you a trial account application. Please bear it in mind that we can provide the system for our customers and operators only.