VTS Jets and Luxair started a new project

March 2019

Vostok Technical Service Jets LLC and LUXEIR LLC are pleased to announce the launch of a
new joint project aimed at restoration and maintenance of luxury business aircraft at Vnukovo-3
LUXEIR LLC specializes in providing comprehensive services of cosmetic interior repair,
maintenance, and complete restoration on all types of civil aircraft, in commercial and business
aviation. LUXEIR was first to develop and successfully implement a revolutionary principle and
methodology: ALL SERVICES PERFORMED IN 100% MOBILE FORMAT. The companies
materials, technologies, and business processes, have all been specifically engineered and
executed to provide our clients with a wide range of mobile services performed to the highest
standards of quality, out in the field, in any weather, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. One of the
most vital benefits of the company’s work process is the ability to perform any repair and/or
maintenance procedure without interfering with the aircraft's regular flight schedule. This allows
the aircraft to spend more time in the air earning money, instead of wasting it being intentionally
grounded for a repair.
Vostok Technical Service Jets LLC has been successfully providing wide range of technical
services on all types of Bombardier aircraft at the Vnukovo -3 business aviation center since
2014 VTS Jets has EASA Part-145, Qatar CAA, Aruba DCA, Bermuda CAA, CAA of the
Cayman Islands approvals and as well as being authorized by the Russian aviation authorities.

All technical services are performed in the specially equipped stationary facilities on the grounds
of the Vnukovo-3 airport. AOG field calls are carried out to all MOW Airports. All VTS Jets
technical and engineering staff has completed training at the Bombardier training centers as well
as at the Lufthansa Bombardier training center in Berlin.
This joint project will provide you – our valued customer the capacity to benefit with our
expanded platform while maintaining direction with your revenue, bottom line and potential
growth; as our clients having this ability is at the core of our focus and ideals as a provider to
With us - your aircraft always looks like new, with no extra cost!