An Agreement of Intent on implementation of a charter corporate transportation project in Russia based on SSJ100

February 2019

An Agreement of Intent on implementation of charter corporate transportation project in Russia based
on SSJ100 aircraft was signed by the Managing Director of Business Aviation Center Vnukovo-3 and the
leaders of Azimut Airlines, VEB-Leasing, United Aircraft Building Corporation (UAC) and the National
Reserve Corporation (NRC) on February 14, 2019, in Sochi within the framework of the Russian
Investment Forum.
The project assumes using of aircraft in the business layout of an armchair capacity up to 56 seats for
performing irregular (custom-made) flights operating in the interests of large corporations, sports
teams, as part of concert tours and other group transportation.
“One and a half years of successful operation of Azimuth Airlines showed high demand for regional
transportation in Russia. Vnukovo-3 is the largest business aviation center in Russia and Eastern Europe
with its own infrastructure. Our Business terminal easily provides comfortable services for flights and
passengers of the new project and is the best for airlines operating, ”said Vitaly Vantsev, Co-owner of
Vnukovo International Airport and Azimuth Airlines. “During the period of FIFA 2018, Vnukovo-3 set an
absolute record for servicing flights per day - 326 flights, 1,565 passengers and more than 2.5 tons of
baggage, thereby confirming its leadership in the business aviation industry and implement new
projects readiness, "- added George Sharov, Managing Director of Vnukovo-3 Business Aviation Center.
Within the framework of the signed agreement, the parties will determine the financial side of the
project and, on their basis, prepare the transaction structure, as well as agree on the amount of aircraft
involved and detailed of the project roadmap.